The class project in my Design and Technology class was to concept and design branded packaging for a new cell phone product by the fictional company called "Phonotech". I used this class project as an opportunity to create a design that not only demonstrates my abilities so far as a graphic designer, but also as a concept illustrator.


As a hardcore gamer myself, I knew there was a growing industry for "gaming" orientated smartphones. With major companies such as Apple, Razer and Huawei creating powerful devices capable of running the latest and greats mobile games, I wanted to create a packaging design that celebrates the gaming community for this smartphone product.


Thumbnail Sketches

Several thumbnail concepts were drafted to come up with ideas for package branding and concepts. The overall theme was to create the sense of gaming and a sense of fantasy.


I came up with the Phoenix brand concept along with the tagline "Mobile Reborn" as an effective concept to show something that is new and original from something that is considered mundane and common.


Style Guide

The next step was to create a style guide to provide a consistent branding standard throughout the design process of the product. This included logo design, color selections, and font selections.

Rough Draft

The next step was to begin creating a rough draft concept of the packaging sleeve. This included laying out text and graphical elements, while also creating an artistic composition that would be an attractive focal point to the overall product.



The end result was a product sleeve that captured the magic of the fantasy character while also showing the product as a powerful gaming smart device.

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